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At Reeves Laverdure, we offer a full scope of public relations services.

Our comprehensive approach helps ensure that every interaction our clients have with their audience is a positive interaction.

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Reputation Management

Your reputation is your brand. It is the reason people do business with you. In order for your business to thrive and grow, it is essential you maintain the trust and confidence of the public. Yet, with one attack from a competitor or an internal miscalculation, your good name can be damaged – or even destroyed. We will implement an aggressive reputation management program that emphasizes your good deeds and core values, building a positive public image that will serve as the cornerstone of your PR program. With a strategically implemented reputation management program, your good name will be solidly entrenched. And that, in the final analysis, will carry you through both good times and bad.

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Media Relations

The media doesn’t need self-serving press releases. It needs news. As former journalists, we know what’s newsworthy. That’s why reporters and editors turn to us in their constant quest for information. We expertly initiate and nurture media relationships that benefit our clients, enabling them to deliver their message to their audience, increase their name recognition and define their status as industry leaders.

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Brand Building

Palm. Starbucks. Red Bull. Body Shop. What do these major brands have in common? They were all built with publicity… and virtually no advertising. The greatest minds in marketing now realize that publicity delivers what advertising cannot when it comes to building brands. Credibility. Media endorsement. A slow, steady buildup of name recognition. At Reeves • Laverdure, our team of publicity experts will create and implement a targeted, consistent communications plan that delivers your brand message directly to the media and consumers you need to reach. So while your competitors toot their own horns with ads that say little about who they are, we’ll let the media do our talking. After all, what do you think consumers put more stock in? Media endorsement of a product by a respected journalist… or a Chihuahua extolling the product’s virtues in an ad? Let’s face it, the Chihuahua might be cute, but we’ll back the journalist when it comes to credibility any day.

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Media Training

Think of us as your “stage mother.” When it’s interview time, we will guide you every step of the way. Prior to interviews, we will help you define your core message, guide you through likely questions and role-play the interview process from every conceivable angle. Our media training will develop your skills and build your confidence… until you feel like you were born to give interviews!

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Crisis Management

Tylenol. The Exxon Valdez. Perhaps there are no better examples of how strategy in handling a crisis can affect the long-term public image of a company. Handled correctly, a crisis can actually increase consumer confidence and enhance your reputation. Handled poorly, it can put you out of business. Tylenol’s prompt reaction to pull every bottle of its product from the shelves when it learned a few had been tampered with sealed its reputation as one of the most trusted brands in America. It subsequently became a spokesperon and advocate for the safe packaging of over-the- counter products. On the contrary, Exxon’s uncooperative attitude after the Valdez oil spill outraged the public, caused consumer boycotting and tarnished its reputation forever. Hopefully you will not experience a crisis the magnitude of Tylenol or Exxon, but whatever your situation, our team of experts will take control and guide you through, enabling you to turn a crisis into an opportunity to solidify your good reputation and communicate a positive message to the public.

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Trade Show Support

Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way to get in front of your customers and the media covering your industry. Reeves • Laverdure provides a full range of trade show support, including press kits, registered media contact and follow-up, awards submissions and advice on how to “work the floor.” We’ll make sure that your trade show experience complements your overall PR program and enhances your image with both the media and consumer.

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