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Why Aren't I Getting Noticed???

Are you tired of opening up the newspaper time and again, only to read articles extolling the virtues of your competitors?

Are you frustrated that every time the media needs an expert in your industry, they call one of your competitors instead of you?

Are you just fed up that your competitors seem to have a pipeline right to the press, and even though your company is doing lots of wonderful, newsworthy things, the media act as if you're invisible?

Are you even a bit nervous that your own customers or clients are also taking notice of your competitors and all the positive media attention they're receiving? (After all, if you can't help but notice, then maybe they can't either.)

We understand how you feel. When our publicity and public relations clients first come to us, that's how they are feeling, too.

So, what do we do?

Public Relations Strategies That Get You NoticedFirst, we explain to them that they, too, can become "media darlings." It just takes the help of people who know the media inside out. People who themselves have been journalists and who communicate in their "language." People who know how to find newsworthy angles to a business and communicate those angles in a clear, concise message that entices the media to pay attention.

Now… Imagine picking up the newspaper, turning to the business section and there, on the front page, is an article about your company. About all the new, exciting and forward-thinking things your company is doing. There is the by-line of the reporter who wrote the story. This is not an ad. This is publicity, a third-party endorsement. It is credibility with a capital "C."

Or… imagine turning on the TV, stopping at a channel where leading news anchors are discussing an issue related to your industry. Next, they cut to a person they are interviewing. This person is their expert on the issue. This person is you.

Which would you rather do? Sit on the sidelines, watching your competitors get all the good press? Or leave them in the dust, frustrated and wondering why you're getting all the media attention?

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