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Welcome to the Reeves Laverdure bookstore. It is our goal to provide you with high-quality materials related to public relations, marketing, crisis management, business development and related fields. We are constantly on the lookout for top quality experts with whom we can affiliate to bring you information and products to help your business grow and prosper.

In this section you will also find items that we have authored (we expect that this section will continue to expand as we become more prolific!).

We believe that these products represent some of the best information available to help you with every facet of marketing your business, and we hope that you find them helpful. We encourage you to e-mail us with your feedback at or by calling us at 561-391-8717.

Free Publicity Articles

Click on the links below to read these free publicity articles, full of proven strategies to help your business. Print them out and keep them in a folder on your desk, as you are likely to refer back to them often.

The 11 Steps Of Crisis Communications
By Jonathan Bernstein

Trial By Media -- Do's and Don'ts
By Jonathan Bernstein

Making a Crisis Worse: The Biggest Mistakes in Crisis Communications
By Jonathan Bernstein

Multiply Your Exposure by Re-Marketing Your Publicity
By Diana Laverdure

Partner with Non-Profits to Jump-Start Your Publicity
By Diana Laverdure

How to Convince Journalists
to Publicize Your Product, Service or Company

By Diana Laverdure

Publicity is Not About Sending Press Releases!!!
By Diana Laverdure

Other Recommended Publicity Resources
To Help You Grow Your Business

Creating and Publishing Your Own E-Zine
Alexandria Brown is dubbed “The Ezine Queen,” and I know why. I personally devoured every word of her “Boost Business with Your Own E-zine” and found it very helpful when producing ours. I hope that you find it helpful, too.
Good luck! -Diana

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